FX Aggregator

System for the professional FOREX trading.

It’s hard to choose in which manner and of what shall we speak on the front page. In case if you’re reading this text you, most surely, already know everything about Forex, trade automation, about “robots”, Banks liquidity, and you are well informed about such instrument as Book. Nevertheless everything has its place, as well this front page and we shouldn’t leave it empty.

For Banks

"FX Aggregator" system:

  • is a full-scale solution for organizations providing services at the foreign exchange market (Forex).
  • can be used for Prime Brokerage purposes with the automatic addition of broker commissions in the market rate. High liquidity, diversity of quotes providers give the necessary 24 hours a day safe dealing.
  • allows to monitor the status of customer's margin accounts, opened positions, limits and loss limits for each counterparty.

For Traders

Using "FX Aggregator" for trading at international financial markets, you will get: high liquidity, flexible environment, fast execution, FIX API, different deal modes. Depending on personal preferences & current market situation, the trader can use automatic orders designed for different execution speeds.

"Click and Deal" mode allows to place order with one click. Depending on the place you click in the deal window you can set the order at a better price and volume or at market price with preset slippage settings.