Providing Liquidity

"FX Aggregator" will help banks and companies engaged in the provision of liquidity to broaden its customer base, to give customers a reliable flow of low spreads and high liquidity. Use White Label solution and provide our customers the best prices from international banks and trading systems on their own behalf.

Liquidity of "FX Aggregator" system is:

  • The unique trade flow for each client that is based on flows of counterparties available
  • Low spreads with the ability to configure unique trading conditions for each amount
  • The possibility of placing orders inside the system
  • Fast execution, different strategies for hedging clients transactions
  • Monitoring of trading activity in real time

Main LP and multibank systems (ECN) integration:

  • 360T
  • Currenex
  • EBS
  • Integral
  • FastMatch
  • Fluent
  • LumeFX
  • SmartTrade
  • Reuters